marine energy in New Zealand

A sensible vision of New Zealand’s renewable energy future would utilize a range of different resources.  One of the lesser known resources is the energy locked up in the oceans around New Zealand – sometimes termed “Marine Renewables”.  New Zealand sits astride the Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties, where winds regularly drive waves as high as three-storey buildings.  The landmass and its hidden submarine mountains guide massive ocean currents both from the north and from the south. Because of the shape of the land, the rise and fall of the tides generate strong currents in some places. 

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tidal energy

The Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST) in NZ has previously funded research into wave energy technology development.  A new project commenced in October 2008 on tidal energy.  This has involved observations of currents, waves and turbulence as well as modelling at a range of scales.  

Murray Smith and I collaborate with a number of hydrodynamic modelers.  We are presently examining tidal resources and likely interactions with tidal energy devices.  This is initially focusing on Cook Strait. Tim Divett is working on his PhD on aspects associated with the project.
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wave energy

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